My Top 10 Deal Breakers

“Deal Breakers are behaviors or habits that make Gandalf a sudden forcefield between you and your boy.” — Spell Saab

Also, according to Urbandictionary:

  1. A deal breaker is ‘the catch’ that a particular individual cannot overlook and ultimately outweighs any redeeming quality the individual may possess.
  2. An issue within a relationship that constitutes one partner breaking up with the other.

And in simple words, things that a guy does to turn you off :p

So here are my top ten deal breakers based on a high school perspective (dahil mababaw ang reasons ng high schools and I’m pulling off a ‘deal breaker’ when a guy’s still courting a girl):

1. Hoops-Know-It-All

Coming from a family where the ratio of boys is larger than that of girls, it’s natural if I get hooked to boyish things such as basketball. I love talking about it especially when it’s the start of NBA playoffs. But come on! Obviously boys know a great deal about basketball but that doesn’t mean I’m very familiar with technical terms. Plus, just because this guy knows you like him doesn’t mean he can get you to favor a team you don’t like. He should respect your choice!

2. PERV-y Jackson

Personally, I get attracted t guys because I find them unique. Looks (aka handsomeness) only comes second to me. Anyway, you meet this guy and you really liked him but when you’re both with guy friends and he stars talking with them about pervy things– about girls and curves — like you don’t exist and you can’t hear them, dump him or stop liking him! If a guy can’t even respect other girls, do you think he’ll be different when it comes to you? I don’t think so.

3. Nature Slasher

Come on, if a guy can’t even protect nature or join a cleanliness campaign seriously… how much more do you think can he care for your future together?

4. Pinoy Henyo

There are guys who rush you to make decisions (i. e. go on a date with him, be his girlfriend without even courting first). Trust me, if you two became together, he’ll always ask you these or those questions, get you into doing this or that thing, and you’ve no choice but to answer them with a yes or no.

5. Call Me Maybe?

Remember Joe Jonas breaking up with T. Swift over the phone? Well, if you’re being courted by a guy through text or call, don’t even think of making it official. Stay away immediately! These type of guys have no self-confidence or they’re just not serious with you. Maybe it’s even better if he’s courting you on the street or anywhere outside your house but at least, he can face you. Unlike those who court you  through text whose only power are words. See, after some months — or weeks, maybe — of being his girlfriend, he’ll break it off with you the way Joe did. Save your tears for someone worth it!

6. Takaw King

Guys who love eating are very nice company. The only repercussion is, if he enjoys eating but does not share the food with you; or share it with you to impress you, but does not do the same way with your other friends. You should always consider a guy’s character towards other people and not just with you.

7. Like A Boss

When I was in first year, I’ve had a crush on this boy who’s very — not really — popular in my year. One day, he was walking and there’s a bag of one of my classmates blocking his way. Instead of picking it up and putting it properly on one side, he kicked it instead. Too much hangin, right?

8. Kit-titude

You probably know Kit from PBB Teen Edition 4? Don’t get me wrong, I liked Kit when he first entered the house, but when he started saying rude things to the girl housemates (without even thinking if it’s too offensive), I disliked him. He’s a Momma’s boy and yet, the way he treats some of the girls he doesn’t like… such a d-bag! Don’t be deceived by looks!

9. Scaredyshroom

Guys who are afraid of big responsibilities assigned to them. Like, for example, on group projects. He’s made a leader but he relies on other people to plan for it, assign tasks or whatever. If he can’t be a man for these kind of situation, then he’d be no man for you too.

10. Cassanova

Playboy-turned-sincere lover only exists in movies and Boys Over Flowers. When you and your boyfriend (or a guy you’re dating) are in a place with lots of people and left you saying he’ll just get drinks, then after a while, you’ll see him talking to other girls — DUMP HIM! There’s no reason being a martyr no matter how many times he says, “you’re the only one”. You know  you’re more than that.

I know love is unpredictable — you can’t see it coming. Still, you have to use your brains for better judgement. Just because there’s a saying that “love is blind” or “love is stupid” doesn’t mean you have to keep up with it. Using your brains also doesn’t mean “you’re too good for a guy”. It just happened that he really wasn’t for you.

So, have a list of your top deal breakers too. Trust me, it’ll help.

Be a girl with standards,



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