#174: F*ckery

WARNING: Explicit contents– used to be able to give the deeper sense of what I’m trying to say :) Please bear.

Wikipedia.com says : “‘Fuck’ is an English word that is almost universally considered vulgar by its speakers. In its most literal meaning, it refers to the act of sexual intercourse. By extension it may be used to negatively characterize anything that can be dismissed, disdained, defiled or destroyed. To be “fucked” can mean to be cheated, broken or ruined as well as to be sexually penetrated.”

Nevertheless, it’ll always come down to one thing: fuck means sex; so why do you say it when you’re no even doing it or haven’t done it in your own precious virgin life?

It is very common for teenagers to trash talk especially when they feel that the world has rejected them 1000 times repeatedly — or if their character got killed in DOTA or whatever.

Don’t get me wrong, I use foul words when I get really pissed. My background in twitter even has ‘fuck’ in it. I also love MTV’s Awkward. and people there often use those words. Plus, Jenna Hamilton’s blog is one of faves (http://invisiblegirldaily.tumblr.com/)


Photo from Tumblr

Fuck, shit, damn, bitch — these are all foul words and we’re so fond of saying them when in fact, we’re not getting deeper grasp of its meaning. Take it from P!nk who’s already had a nice song about acceptance of one’s personal preference but, she had to use fuckin’  to describe how perfect you are.

If fuck means sex, then why the fuck are we fucking fond of fucking saying it?! (I hope Weebly understands that my explicity is just a means to brand people of what I’m trying to say. I’m not even comfortable of having these things in my post :P)

Here are the reasons I think most people use as an excuse to say it:

#1 Reason: Habit

  • When a person got used to saying foul words, s/he can’t stop. Everything s/he writes, say or do includes the f-word. I think that kind of person has problem in his/her life that s/he can’t identify that’s why s/he’s using it as a means to express his/her feelings.

#2 Reason : If I say fuck, I’m ‘in’

  • When you belong in a barkada, of course they would influence you with a whole lot of things. You get to learn to smoke, drink alcohol — but that’s if you’ve got the wrong crowd. And when you’re in the wrong crowd, you get all the negatives. Apparently, saying bad words is one of those, so when you learn to say it, you’re totally in.

#3 Reason : If I say fuck, people will feel my anger

  • I remember when I was young, the harshest thing I’ve ever told my friend whom I got angry with was: “Ang tanga mo”. Now, you can’t declare your raging haste without having to say a curse or two.

#4 Reason : I say fuck because I love Eminem

  • What happened to Eminem, by the way? It seems like he’s blaming all the shit that has happened to him to the whole world. Well, if you also blame all your shits to the world then you surely are a fan of Eminem’s — especially when you like his songs. Try singing the rap part of Love The Way You Lie with all the foul words censored; I wonder if you’ll even get the sense out of it.

#5 Reason : If I say fuck, I’m the awesomest kung fu master in the world!

  • This I suppose, is the main reason why people say fuck. People are born of natural egocentricity — we always want attention. And in order for us to get the attention we need, we have to do something that will lead us to greatness. Filipinos are known for conservatism. Things like outright display of affection, vulgar activism, or saying cuss words are heavily regarded as youth’s demon. So, if you are able to cuss and rattle people out of their wits, there’s a good sense of pleasure in you. Like bragging rights, in better understanding.

Words, like time, are very precious. Sometimes we say things and we tend to hurt people by saying it.

Fuck — and all other trash words — has been a trend in the youth that, I guess, if not controlled will create a virus that will corrupt our ethics. I’m not saying everyone should not say it because it can’t be helped. I just think we should limit it.

Sometime, there are even children who would unthinkingly say bad words because they heard it from other people. Others accidentally say it to other people and if that person is sensitive towards those things, it might cause dispute.

Try saying fuck 150 times without pausing. If you can still say it after the 150th time, then be proud! You have the foulest tongue in the whole wide world!

Think before you talk.


Photo from Tumblr

Let’s save all the fuckery for the right moment!



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