It’s probably not a good excuse to say “We were assigned at that spot that’s why this happened to us”, but still, because we were assigned that spot, we realized what we’re missing on.

Back on the end part of June (I already forgot the date, sorry!), we joined the “2in1 Mangrove Planting” project established by our governor, Honorable Jay-jay Suarez. This project’s goal is to plant two million mangroves in just a day.

My classmates and I were really excited since we learned that we’ll plant near the coastline, and we also know that we’re gonna plant in mud. But we never expected it to be almost close to quicksand.


Nevertheless, we plunged in and did our job. At first, we’re just on the “shallower” part of the mud. We’re actually wondering why it’s only us who’re there because we can’t find RMC and ROE. After a while, we just forgot everything and actually enjoyed our thing.

See? We’re still wearing our slippers.

Grace was with us because we saw her while we’re walking (From left to right: Jam, Jemma, Grace and Cherry)

But after a while, we had to remove our slippers since they’re really sinking in the mud, and if we didn’t remove it, we might go home wearing nothing AT ALL. But little did we know that there are shards of oyster shells (Talaba in Tagalog) under those mud.

Hendrix, LJ, Nikko, Jazz, Jue, Johnny

Joyce (aka Babes ni Rus :D)

Vivien and her rubber shoes who saved her from getting wounded that day. Lucky you!

The Mangrove Man :p

Jam and Grace, once again

Mariz and Shaina

Angie, Andrew, Ate Jana and Paui

My classmates have finally felt the heat, thank goodness! Just look at their faces. Lol

I don’t know whose feet are these!


I was lucky to be one of the subjects of Czam’s DSLR. Hahaha. I guess I’m not much of a good view that’s why I’m not often captured.

Cedie and I

We’re both still in the shallow part at that time that’s why we’re still wearing our slippers

Uh, who’re you? :D

Them on the farther part of the mud

Participants from other schools

Euan aka Hayley Williams

Little children want to play… mangroves go away. Korneeeee

Cheber and Makoe

I guess this was when they’re shouting at us (Eman, Bree, Joan and I) since we’re at the other side and they’re all there. Apparently, we weren’t able to cross.

Czam, the owner of the camera and these photos I used :D

Paul, the camera secretary

Little kid who’s holding up a lobster/shrimp of some sort (I don’t know what is it, really)

After yet again some minutes, there’s been a commotion because Paui got wounded and Carlo and Andrew had to carry her to the water near where the four of use we’re standing. It’s not the right moment but I just can’t forget how Carlo unthinkingly removed the shirt he was wearing just to scrub the blood off Paui’s foot. Sorry, there’s no picture of that since it’s a very serious moment.

And like a chain reaction, there were also other “oyster victims”, so we got all worried and rushed back to the seashore.

Russel had to carry Ara to the shore

I can’t blame some of those who chastised us because, I really think we had a wrong thing done there. We forgot to consider the consequences. Yet, I’m still proud for my classmates and I. We further developed our camaraderie and to say the truth, we learned the art of survival. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to help and experience one of the rarest moments in our life.

Though we went home with wounds in our feet, we’re still happy. Why? Because we’ve done something that nobody will ever be able to equal.

And to those who mocked some of my classmates because they cried? FYI, Crying does not make you any less than perfect; it makes you HUMAN. Got it?



*Photos from Czam Bautista <3

Proud sARVivor,

jashrawr ♥


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    NIce one Ate Joyce! =J

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