Hey A,

This is a totally late post, but it’s better late than never, right?

Last August 1, I was invited to the birthday ‘party’ of one of the awesomest people I’ve ever met. None other than, my dear best friend, Aline Joy.

Here are some of the photos from the party. I’m kinda biased though since I only chose the photos which contain me. Haha

Pretty cake

And my totally embarrassing picture. Ohmygoodness.

Them (and a totally embarrassing pose ONCE AGAIN)

We ate, talked, laughed. Actually, for the most part of that night, I’m awfully quiet. I have to admit it, I’m semi socially awkward. I’m not usually the type who talks with people I’m not really used to be with. But little did they know that inside, I liked their company.

So, Jawea and I decided that we need to go home by 8pm since we still need to review for quizzes the next day. I’m a slacker, but I know how to manage my time properly.

While waiting for Kuya Dong to finish eating, we had a moment for picture taking…

Me, Aline, Jawea and Kaere at the back

Group picture!

Moving closer

And the special part of this blog?

Dear A,

It has been years since we met each other, became friends, then best friends. There are times in the past that I know you tend to totally hate me because I’m so sensitive and KJ. I know that there are also times that you’re skeptical about my judgement yet you decide to not dwell on it because I’m way too insistent. Nevertheless, I do know all about them. It’s creepy but I do feel a lot.

Our friendship, it’s not perfect. Sometimes, we’re too mean to each other. Sometimes, we even lose trust and confidence. But I still hang on to what we have.

I have to admit, I feel that this year you spend very little time with me compared last year. And maybe, it was my fault because I’m not being fair to everybody. Still, I want you to know that I understand if you want to have a space wherein I don’t co-exist.  Nakakasawa ‘din naman kasi kung tayo lagi ang magkasama di’ba? I also understand that part of that distance was my aversion to Rocky.

Though, I miss the times when we’d just sit the whole day in front of the television in your house, watching movies or Koreanovelas. I miss our long stroll around the subdivision trying to hunt H down. Well, I just miss you a lot.

Hayyy, it’s so hard to write this down because I was never really flamboyant when it comes to what I really feel. But I guess it was worth saying.

For the most part, I am very happy and lucky to have had you. I’ve probably said this a lot of times, and maybe it doesn’t have as much as an impact but you’re my sister, my twin soul and though we’ve got a lot of differences, I’m still happy to stay with you and be there for you.

I wish our friendship lasts forever. I wish we get to spend more time this school year. I wish you’d only change for the better. I wish… I wish you all the best, and you know that <3

Love and take care,



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