This is how I look back in July…

This morning, I have a particular shock about myself when I saw this picture (which was taken during the nutrition month by Paul) since I didn’t know my hair got that long. Usually, my hair can’t be longer than a few inches down my shoulders.

Just before the end of July though, I decided to have it cut. I realized long hair doesn’t suit me and I’m feeling totally irritated by it.

When you cut your hair, you change a part of yourself. Well, this did not happen to me right after the haircut. But lately, I’ve been thinking about my actions and what I’m doing and everything else so I realized, why not make it happen? I mean, I’m sort of tired of being too gullible and sensitive when it comes to the people around me and the people I care about (but doesn’t care that much about me in return)

It’s crazy, but it’s only fair to say you’re tired of someone, right? I’m not always correct and fair when it comes to my judgment, but I’d love to save a dignity for myself.

Smile and do the best you can to make it a happy day. Just because everyone else has changed doesn’t mean you should too. Plus, there are a lot of people out there who are much much much much much worth staying with.

Smile and be happy =))))

And speaking of people who makes you happy without asking too much from you… BROTHERS! Due to my early Sunday narcissism, I dragged my brothers into taking pictures with me in front of the webcam. Lol

Daniel and I

JM and I


I really don’t care if you make fun of my teeth. I call this pa”TEETHums” effect. Haha!

Photo of the day!

Don’t be bothered by things that are not really worth bothering for. Learn to love more those who love you. Value yourself and… be happy. Just be happy :)

The totally emo-core owner of this blog,


P. S.

I spent almost whole of my Saturday and Sunday watching Love Rain. I’m on episode 18 now. And I totally need to do my assignments plus press uniforms. OHNO.


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