Love Rain

SPOILER ALERT: When I blog about a particular Knovela, I tend to over say a lot of things, so if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to get spoiled, don’t read further. Just read after you’ve finished Love Rain :)

“Love and rain; they feel very similar.”

It has been quite some time since I last posted a Koreanovela or TV Show review. Well, I’ve seen a lot during the summer, but I never had the time to squeeze it in. But just this Saturday and Sunday, I finished this particular Koreanovela– which is composed of 20 episodes, by the way –and I just can’t help but share it with you. I REALLY LOVED IT.

Dahil tinatamad akong magtype, here’s the synopsis provided to you by our beloved

Love Rain depicts a pure love of the 1970s and a love from the present day. In the 1970s, Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, an art student and a shy beauty, met and fell in love with each other during college; but unfortunately their love was fated to never be.

Now in the present 21st century Korea, Seo In Ha’s son, Seo Joon (a liberal photographer) meets the daughter of Kim Yoon Hee, Jung Ha Na, a cheerful and energetic girl whose personality is different from her mother’s. At first, they both found each other to be a nuisance and troublesome. Gradually, their feelings develop for one another. In Ha was never quite gotten over his love for Yoon Hee, despite marrying one of her best friends, Hye Jung. He is over the moon when he sees Yoon Hee on the streets and the two reconcile and make up for time lost. Little do they know that their children are dating each other, and the greater shock comes when they announce their marriage to their children. Who will end up being together: In Ha and Yoon Hee or Seo Joon and Ha Na.

According to my “blog manifesto”, I should always present to you all the characters first, but since I’m feeling a little lazy tonight, I’ll just talk mostly about the leads.


One of the best things about this series is its very nice portrayal of the ’70s. At the beginning of episode 1, I felt my soul being carried away to another dimension. The setting was good and well-thought. The ways in South Korea where there were curfews and dress codes are also depicted. Plus, the ‘dos and the way they dressed really drills you in. It was fantastic.

Seo In Ha (Jang Keun Suk)

He’s a painter at the university, and he experienced the “three-second love at first sight” thing with Yoon Hee. It was said in the series that In Ha only paints the person he will love [loves] the most.

“In three seconds, I have fallen into the river of love.”

Kim Yoon Hee (Im Yoona)

She’s a home economic student, and a totally reserved person who keeps to herself. She’s mostly quiet but she’s kind of referred to as the “Madonna” in her university since a lot of boys likes her. According to her diary, she likes The Little Prince (a classic novel) and the movie, Love Story. In fact, she’s into one of the quotations there:

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Luckily, by twist of fate, they bumped into each other. That picture above there (when Yoon Hee was sitting on the bench) was the scene where In Ha depicted his painting of her. After a while, Yoon Hee went to leave so In Ha followed her and there it goes…

When they bumped into each other, Yoon Hee dropped her diary which was retrieved by In Ha but he didn’t give it to her for a long time.

Once again, they saw each other in a library and shared an umbrella because Yoon Hee didn’t bring one. It was funny at that time because In Ha ran back to the library to get an umbrella from the stock room. Apparently, the umbrella’s sort of broken, so they still got partly wet.

At that time, one of In Ha’s friend, Dong Wuk also took a liking to Yoon Hee. In Ha decided to keep his feelings to Yoon Hee in order to prevent a problem between him and Dong Wuk. Nevertheless, he got to spend time with Yoon Hee since she became a part of their crowd.

(from left to right) Dong Wuk, Yoon Hee, In Ha, Hye Jung, Chang Mu, In Suk

But of course, you can’t stop your feelings once you feel it :)

They fought for what they’re feeling even if it meant everything might get ruined. Apparently, they still won’t be together in the end because Yoon Hee’s sick of tuberculosis and she has to go to US to get medication. In Ha, on the other hand, enlisted in the army.


Seo Jun (Jang Geun Suk)

In Ha got married to Hye Jung and they had Seo Jun. He’s a photographer who’s known as the”three second seducer”. He can seduce women in three seconds– except for Ha Na, of course. Jun doesn’t want to believe in love because it ruined her family. His dad, In Ha, didn’t get over his first love so his mom and dad got divorced.

I like his (Jang Geun Suk) ability to cry effortlessly. It is also undeniable how you get kilig every time he shows kilig because of Ha Na.

What makes Jun awesomely different from the other male lead in the Koreanovelas I’ve seen? He was the first one who admitted his feelings first to the girl he likes. Hayyyyy! I still remember that time when he went to Ha Na’s house and told her, “I… think I’m falling for you.”

Jung Ha Na (Im Yoona)

Did I mention? Both of the main leads took the role of the 70s and present version.

Anyway, Ha Na is quite different from her mother. She’s more gullible and naive. She’s much funnier though, and very outgoing. Ha Na is a botany student. She went to Japan as an exchange student and that’s where he and Jun met. Accidentally– in a fatalistic kind of way –her phone slipped into Jun’s jacket pocket when they bumped on each other in the train station, so she called it and that’s when she embarked on a quest to find him. The reason why Ha Na’s so keen on getting the phone is because it was the only way she can contact the first love of her mom.

In Japan, Jun needs to find a location to shoot photos for an advertising agency he’s working for. He saw a video of the Diamond Snow in Ha Na’s phone so when Ha Na went to his hotel room and retrieved it, he dragged her and asked her to accompany him to the diamond snow. A lot of things happened, and I wouldn’t tell you all of it since it’s like I totally blew it off. Basta, Jun “fell in like” with Ha Na while they were on the hot spring (I’m skeptical about this part of Japan… the hot spring’s in the middle of a snow-covered mountain!) According to legend, when two people saw the diamond snow together, they’ll fall in love and look what happened! Haha

Crazy legends… and their ability to make skeptical people believe :P

Aside from Kim Na Na (City Hunter), Ha Na is the Koreanovela female character that I never once got annoyed with (I’m such a huge fan of Princess Hours, but there are times when I really hated Janelle). Maybe because I can see myself in her– the simple one; her way of dressing up at the first few episodes of the show; her innocence is also funny in some sorts. Got to love her!

Anyway, other important characters from the series:

Tae Sung (Ha Na’s first crush and Jun’s greatest subject of jealousy!)

Sun Ho (Jun’s closest friend and Ha Na’s ‘wall’)

I call these three the ‘Three Musketeers’… they work in the establishment where Jun’s studio is. Plus, in that establishment is Sun Ho’s clinic and cafeteria, and the house on the second floor where Ha Na and Jun resides.

Take notice of the guy in the middle, that’s Jo Su– Jun’s assistant. He’s totally ADORABLE!!! <3

Hye Jung. I gave her “The Dakilang Epal” award because she’s such a huge hindrance in Ha Na’s and Jun’s happiness. Well, at least she has a deep reason: she doesn’t like Ha Na because she’s Yoon Hee’s daughter (her biggest rival over In Ha)

In Ha and Yoon Hee (the old version) Ha Na and Jun didn’t know that they were talking about each other’s parents about ‘first loves’. When In Ha and Yoon Hee met again, they still love each other and after some time, they decided to get married. The thing is, they didn’t know that Ha Na and Jun are already dating!

Because of this matter, Jun and Ha Na decided to break up to make their parents happy. Actually, Jun doesn’t want to let go of Ha Na but she insisted and said that her Mother’s happiness is important to her, he conceded. It was so hard for the both of them.

It was until later that In Ha learned Ha Na and Jun’s relationship. At first, he doesn’t want to break off the marriage, but he realized if he didn’t, he might lose Jun forever.

In Ha and Yoon Hee decided to be just friends, and so Ha Na and Jun had the time to cherish forever.

Favorite portion: Kilig Moments

The necklace. This was before they became ‘official’

Their first normal date. I’m actually laughing during this part because I felt that Jang Geun Suk (Jun) is kinda flirt. Haha. I mean, yeah, it’s for the show, but the sight of him always whispering to Yoona (Ha Na) makes me think that he’s sort of attracted to her. Lol. Anyway, don’t mind it.

*Sidenote: I think only in this series did I see Jang Geun Suk actually wear something normal and fix his hair normally. I really find him adorable and (gulp!) handsome in Love Rain :D

Embrace :D I so love the fact that they always embrace or hug each other. For example, Ha Na arrived to their house, Jun will always hug her as welcome gesture, or most especially, if Ha Na is feeling sad. It’s so good to have someone like that!

“We have two arms to embrace the people we love.”

Traditonal Piggyback. I know it’s a cliche but Koreanovelas aren’t complete without this.

“I want to be with you.” This was the part when I can say that I totally got all the kilig. For a long time, they’re trying to stop their feelings for the happiness of their parents. But then, Jun decided it was too much so he ran to Ha Na and asked her what she wanted to say to him. It took a long while for Ha Na to respond until she said “I want to be with you.” It’s clear in Jun’s expression that he’s really happy and you can see the love in his eyes. God, it was exhilarating!

Saranghae. It took seventeen episodes before Jun finally said it to Ha Na. This is also one of the best things I learned about Love Rain: You don’t say I love you unless you’re already sure of what you feel :)

Kiss :D Yes, I admit it, I like seeing people kiss on TV just as long as it’s passionate and at the same time, sensitive. But most especially, I like it better when I can feel their love for each other. Playful Kiss might’ve harbored a lot of kissing scenes amongst all the other Korean dramas I’ve seen, but Love Rain had the best!

First kiss (stolen, actually)

Second real kiss!!!

I’m actually shocked in this part because the kissing scene was long. Haha. Nevertheless, they still managed to keep it as neat and honest-looking as possible (and not the sloppy one like what usually happens here in Pinas)

The last LONG kiss on the last episode:D

Ha Na went to his Mom who was in the US. Yoon Hee had glaucoma, I think (an eye sickness that might lead to permanent blindness). Ha Na visited her there for two months. She’s actually supposed to accompany her for her surgery and Jun will go to New York, but her Mom decided to go alone because she doesn’t want Ha Na to experience what happened to her. Besides, In Ha went for her there so there’s not much of a problem. In the end, Jun decided not to leave for New York and stay in South Korea with Ha Na instead.

Anyway, when Ha Na got home, she didn’t call Jun and as an overly jealous guy (it was the only thing the two of them have in common according to Jun– they’re always jealous), he got a little mad. He’s acting cold towards Ha Na when they’re at his Mother’s house (which at that time is not against their relationship anymore). He got chastised by her Mom saying he’s being childish. When they got home to their own home, he sort of expressed her jealousy then told Ha Na he missed her. They started to kiss– very long actually. I thought something more will happen. Good thing, nothing happened. Haha

I totally felt the love in this part! :))))))))))))

One time, they were called again by Jun’s mom. I thought she’ll be a “Dakilang Epal” once again, but she only said– in her mataray way –that they should get married since they’re living in the same house.

I would’ve wanted to say more about the proposal part but I won’t because it was my MOST favorite part. Haha. So you should just watch this series or if you already had then keep the memory within you.

At the end of the series, they’re fitting their wedding dresses. Although there isn’t a scene where we see they really got married, it was still clear that they did.

I loved this drama because:

  1. Though there were cliche parts, it was still a whole new different story. What with your old parent lovers who decided to get married that might risk your own love story?
  2. Time transition. I love how in the first three episodes, I totally felt I was also living in the 70s part of South Korea. The places used are terrific, as well as the dress.
  3. The characters were undeniably good. Even the sort of-extras were fun to watch. They throw their dialogues naturally. Jang Geun Suk and Yoona can cry easily, express their love and make me kilig effortlessly.They’re awesome.

I know I won’t forget this Koreanovela. It only proves that love, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many bridge you have to cover, if you’re really meant to be, you will be.

The fatalistic sucker for love girl who loves Koreanovelas,


P. S.

I once disliked Jang Geun Suk because of his appearance in He’s Beautiful (I didn’t even watch it because of that but I’m not saying I hate the series). Because of his mature role in Love Rain, I developed a liking towards him. I even find he looks like Lee Min Ho (my ultimate Koreano crush) at some angle.

Jang Geun Suk

Lee Min Ho


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  1. caryn says:

    You can actually see a lot of kissing scenes and even better ones in Queen In hyun’s Man. You should watch it. It’s more kilig.

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