JashDiaries: An SIP Journal

The Research Syndrome: I developed this last June ever since my Research II teacher, Ma’am De Villa, told us she’s “not” pressuring us into submitting and doing our SIPs (Science Investigation Project). Well, it’s crazy how at that time, just the word ‘research’ and ‘background of the study’, et cetera rattles me so hard. My Research Syndrome was that severe because just the thought of Chapters 1-3 deadline gets me into a panic.

A few weeks ago, it was declared that August 25 will be the date of the Division Science Fair. With our project so unsure, my groupmates and I decided not to join. That changed last Wednesday afternoon (August 23) when all of the groups in my class decided to join, and we’re the only ones not joining.

At first, I just reasoned at least I’m being honest that we can’t process results. But at the end of the day, my groupmates and I realized we should at least try and do our best to get something out of our project. It’s now or never. We’re competing in the Science Fair. Win or lose, at least we did everything we can for our own sake–and for our Research adviser as well.

So, Friday (August 24), we and including the other groups had a very productive day! Hehe. I’m so happy seeing my classmates contently working. For that day, I didn’t see anyone arguing over this or that thing. It seems like we’re all professionals doing our craft. With music, of course!

Before the awesome bits, let me introduce you to our SIP first:

“Peat Moss (Bryophyta musci) as an Antifeedant against Aphids (Acyrthosiphon pisum) Found in Atis (Annona squamosa Linn) Leaves” (I didn’t want to mention it here in the first place, but I thought maybe it’s safe since it’s just some sort of an introduction)

Filtering the extract through the filter paper to remove residue

We forgot to take pictures of when we’re shaking our solution, so this morning I had Bossing pretend to shake it for the Methodology :p

Our glowing green extracts! Hehe. Peat moss is so awesome!

Peat moss near our home

Peat moss extract in spray bottles courtesy of Lea #muchlove

Spraying the extract on the Atis leaves near our homeroom

Disastrous aphids >,<

And unexpectedly, they’re dead in 10 seconds! I thought they’ll just get repelled since that’s our scope, but it did! Yayyyy. I was so happy to have yielded a very positive and true results :))))))))))))

And here are the awesome ARV crowd! I actually initiated this whole picture taking thing using Jam’s camera. Fyi, this photo is not purposely stolen!

Cristel on-hands for our display board

This, I admit, was accidentally-on-purpose. Well, I’m the one taking the pictures, so I had Jue take this one of mine para naman di ako OP. Lol

GROUP 7! <3 <3 <3

Our awesome display board painted by Cristel and Jam which gathered praise from the judges during the Division Science Fair held in Quezon Science High School.

Paui on keyboard for their group

Jazz working on their display board

Hilary! Haha

Me, Jue and Boss.. Hayy, my hips are really big :/

Of course, our room is so small and there are other groups outside. Nevertheless, everyone’s still having fun!

Jana asking for food. Haha

Our newly painted DOST Wall. Could’ve been better if the ‘Y’ was not missing.


Jam, Euan and Vien

Cristel and I. Good thing I wasn’t looking at the camera otherwise you’d see my super-nerdy self whenever I’m wearing my glasses.

We stayed in school until about 8:30 and of course, everyone got hungry. Thanks to Jue and Boss who volunteered to buy food for us. And thanks to 7/11 near our school, we had I had a sandwich to eat! Sorry for my creepy eyes, I only took it using my laptop’s webcam and the lighting wasn’t very good.

As for what happened in Quezon Science High School last August 25… WE WON! Yes, we actually won. I still can’t believe we won first place in the Division Science Fair considering we almost didn’t join. It was thanks to Jam who agreed to be our presenter in the Individual Life Science Cluster 2 category. She might not have the loud and persistent voice, but she sure does have the ability to make anyone understand.

These pictures are just one-tenth of the bunch of pictures we had today, and I’ll be posting that some time this week when I had the time.

In front of the QSHS building with the Pambansang Pose. Haha!

Few hours before the awards night. I was editing some of the photos taken using Photoscape.

Cyrene, Kuya Darn, Marion, Margie and Camille. They won third place in Life Science Team Category

Paul, Bree, Meanne, Euan and G’anne is missing. They won third place (if I’m not mistaken) in the Physical Science Individual Category (G’anne was the presenter)

Feeling lang si Paul. HAHAHAHA

Jessica, Neriane, Nikko, Radylene and LJ. Like us and Group 6, they almost didn’t compete as well, but they won fourth palce in the Physical Science Team Category


GROUP 7!! We won first place in the Life Science Individual Category :D We actually didn’t expect it considering what happened before, but thank God and His mysterious ways, we won. Hayyyy, this made me persevere more <3

Medal moments:









I didn’t see any individual picture of Jam. Bawi ako sa part 2. Still, this is us, Group 7! #proud


There were still other groups who won, but I can’t enumerate them all in this post for now since I still have a lot of assignments to do. I promise to say them all in the upcoming post. Congratulations to all who won, and may we all qualify for the Regional Level. Work hard guys and remember to always put your fate in God <3

I Heart SIP,


P. S.

Will post part 2 until Friday, that’s promise!


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