Sabayang Pagbigkas 2012

There was a curse that has been talked about since June. It is believed that the Seniors always lose in the Sabayang Pagbigkas competition every year because of that “curse”. Well, we all believed it was true ever since my classmates only placed third in the Nutri-jingle last July. We even thought it’d happen this August since their practice for the Pagbigkas was very limited. What with the loads of work, right?

But now, I am proud to say that this mix of ESEP Seniors Batch 2012-2013 (ARV, RMC, ROE) was hailed as the champion in the recently concluded Buwan ng Wika last August 31, 2012.

Was it because of the full moon? No, it is because of their talents. I won’t be able to post photos right now since I’m still waiting for Czam to upload (wala po akong sariling camera, pano ako naging blogger? Haha), but I managed to steal that one above. HAHAHA.

I wasn’t even part of the Pagbigkas, but I am really proud of them. After all, they are the pride of our program.

Here’s the video of their performance:


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3 Responses to Sabayang Pagbigkas 2012

  1. joshua says:

    GO SENIORS! haha xD

  2. quengqai says:

    hehehehehe. i was here!

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