Glee Is Back!

I almost forgot what was the feeling after every episode of GLEE. Last night, I ditched all my homeworks and watched the pilot episode replay on my laptop and yep, my 40+ minutes was worth it.

GLEE Season 4 revolves around Rachel’s college life in New York and back to the situation in McKinley High with some of the old casts and the new characters. When I learned last season that the old casts will be graduating, I felt sad because I loved GLEE through them. I won’t feel happy if I don’t see Quinn, Puck, Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Santana, Mercedes and Mike there!

Then, just before season 4 started, I learned that the old casts will still be there, and that there will be an addition of new characters. You know what, I loved the new characters!

Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist)

Oh yes, Noah “Puck” Puckerman’s younger half brother. Aline tweeted me about his version of The Fray’s Never Say Never rendition and I was like, okay I’ll watch out for it when I watch the replay. Well, it turns out that I shouldn’t have acted nonchalantly about it because he totally nailed it! I love his voice <3

From the sources I’ve read, I learned that he had recurring roles in ABC’s Melissa and Joey (which I don’t watch). I also learned that he was accepted to Julliard but turned it down because he wants to focus on his career. I don’t know how you’d react on that, but I guess we all have choices. I’m really happy he’s in GLEE. New bad boy of McKinley!

Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist)

“The New Rachel” I loved her even before I heard her sing when she said a sort-of-hi to the almost-snobby New Direction members in the cafeteria. I even loved her when she’s having that conversation with her mom. They’re so sweet <3

When she sang Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind the same time Rachel’s singing it back in New York, I thought, wow she’s really The New Rachel. Only, a much sweeter, gentle, all-smiling Rachel. The kind who sings because she loves it.

I think this is my favorite GLEE Pilot episode out of all the four seasons. It was well-written. The comedy is still on, but it wasn’t out of place like the previous episodes. I love how it touched my heart and made me teary. Like the part where Kurt was sent off to airport by his father, and then this scene in New York where Rachel is crying to Kurt over the phone not knowing he’s just a few feet away. Their friendship is more than amazing.

Add to the that the new meanie, Cassandra July (Kate Hudson). She was so jaw-dropping in her performance of Americano/Dance Again mash-up (I believe GLEE makes the best mash-up songs in the world).

[SIDE NOTE: Have you seen Aria Clemente’s “mash-up” of Marry You and Just The Way You Are way back last year, I guess? Singing a song after the first one and combining two lines at the end does not make it a mash-up.]

The pilot episode ended with New Direction’s performance of Chasing Pavements with Melissa on the lead and Jake watching at the top of the stairs. He decided not to join GLEE Club even if Mr. Schue  said he cut off his song during the audition since he’s already accepted in the first place because he doesn’t want to be changed like his half brother. Sad! But I know he’ll still join. I’m already shipping him and Marley. Hehe #JarLey

I’ve only watched two or three episodes of season 3 since last (school) year was a pretty tight year for me. I almost forgot how it feels like to be a certified GLEEk. I’m glad I was able to watch the pilot episode. Now, I’m certainly looking forward to the upcoming episodes and hoping that every single episode will be worthwhile and just as touching as the first one. Way to go, GLEE!

Watch GLEE every Friday, 4pm via satellite and 8pm primetime on ETC.



P. S.

Episode 2 preview


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