Photodump: Buwan ng Wika 2012

Remember my post last time about the Buwan ng Wika? So, my dear friend, Czam, uploaded (finally!) photos in her Facebook, and now I finally have something to put in my blog.

Craving for some trophy? :p

I only included this because of PauVen. Solid to, dre!

I love this photo! Jazz looks… sensitive here.

My awesome friend, Czam. Thank you for always allowing me to use your photos for my blog.

Euan for traditional song singing competition

Euan in their Sabayang Pagbigkas intro! Haha

Sabayang Pagbigkas stills

Boom kis kis talabis talabis ta umpayteya umpayta! ilog!

Dimasalang, Supremo, et cetera et cetera

Dilaw ang EDSA! Haha People oohed and aahed in this part. Awesome!


Nikko jumped on air… and ended up wounded! Awwww

Before the results, ise-segue ko muna ang mga SHIPS na’to. Kilig much!

NikkoTel <3

CheRon <3

JellyAce <3

Jazz X Jean (they’re best friends but… whatever! Lol)

And the love team where it all started (and will live forever)… PAUVEN! <3

It has been six years and even if they’re not together today, I still get the kilig when I see them together. I still have my hopes that they’ll end up together again! Yay!

Now, time for the awards…

Lea Nuera, 2nd place in Poster Making

Cristel Mapacpac, 2nd place Sanaysay (Kambal ko ‘yan!)

Brigette Jumawan, 1st place Filipino Quiz Bee

Interpretative Dance, 2nd place (From left: Rombert, Paul, Ara Mae, Jemma, Father Ella, Angie, and Cian)

And the two year Sabayang Pagbigkas CHAMPION!

Photo op before going home

Cedie, Paui, Radz, Joyce, Nikko and Me (Another Joyce!)

Group pictures!





Bittersweet. That’s how I’ll always remember August 31, 2012. There was a part of that day that I never want to remember. It was the day when all I can think about is my foolishness and naivety over some guy who made me made me stupid and a girl who made me look stupid. Nevertheless, it was still sweet because it was a victory for my friends. Finally, the “curse” was lifted, and all is well.

Still breathing,


P. S.

No one forgives that easily and maybe, you can’t blame me for feeling that way. I never liked the way you reasoned “baka mag-emote ‘yun pag nalaman niya”. I should have accepted it wholeheartedly if you said you didn’t want me to know because I might get hurt. That selfish when it comes to love, huh?


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