#SOTD: You Drive Me Crazy/Crazy (GLEE)

The nice storyline continues to episode two! Yep, I’m talking about GLEE.

I originally didn’t plan to blog about this week’s episode since I might look overrated, but it just deserved to be blogged. Anyway, I’m not blogging about the whole thing except I just wanna say Brody’s cute but I’m still a loyal FinChel.

Back to this new couple I’m rooting for: JarLey. It’s supposed to be “JaRley” but capitalized R doesn’t go with the rest of the letters. So, yeah. I loved Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Jake’s (Jacb Artist) mash-up of Britney Spear’s You Drive Me Crazy and Aerosmith’s Crazy. Their voices sound good together, I just can’t get enough of it. I already had an LSS case.

“Marley: Well, it’s Britney Spears week.

Jake: Yeah, see I prefer music that uses actual instrument.

Marley: You haven’t heard my version yet.

Jake: What song is it?

Marley: You Drive Me Crazy.

Jake: I know I do.”

I also liked the panorama of the video, especially the sunlight touch while they’re singing. They’ve got good chemistry, effortless kilig–just what I love. (Photos from Tumblr)


Jake even removed his jacket after singing because Marley’s feeling cold, plus he had a little fight with two boys picking up on Marley and her mom. So sweet! But at the end of the episode, it was revealed that he and Kitty’s dating. Ugh. I remembered the Rachel-Finn-Quinn drama way back season 1. I hope this one’ll be a different kind of love triangle. Jake, how could you?! :/

Still shipping for JarLey,


P. S.

Watch out for Episode 3: Makeover!


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