Nutrition Month

Once again, forgive me for my late post. I totally forgot about this until I encountered it on my laptop while I was “cleaning up”. Thank you CzamB–forever thank you–for always letting me use your photos. I really need to buy a camera soon! Haha

So, last July, we had a Nutrition month and together with ABJ3 and some of my friends, we joined the Food Business competition which I really enjoyed even if we weren’t able to submit our sales.


Wala po akong crush kay Nikko. I just always see him in photos and the shots are always good. Defensive? Haha!


B’anne in our store

Thank you for your help, my dears!

Narcissism attack


Puto and people



Alexis and Aubrey

Cosplay (not in the event’s order)








BFFs Ara and Cristel

Faye and Neriane

Joan and Faye again :p

Cosplay girls with Sir Ayie

Sir Ayie!


Mark Roe


Jess, Czam, Hilary


Now, the performance :)

Random stuff, from now on. The event was a little long time ago and I’m having a hard time remembering the flow of events. Plus, this totally laborious putting-picture in WordPress is exhausting. That’s just a sidenote. Haha! But I still love WordPress. Anyway, back to the photos…

Euan “Awesome” Jimenez rocking QNHS with Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick. Oh yes oh yes. Ang by the way, she’s performing with her band NOELLE: Timothy (drums?), Joshua (guitar) and my Bstfrnd Jaiyo (guitar)! Sorry, I’ve no idea about the technicalities of a band.


And for the last photo… AKO! Hahaha. I can’t find a huge group picture so yeah, endure my face and my awesome teeth.

Going back to July, all I can remember was that day, these people and I had a nice day even if we weren’t as glorious as were in Buwan ng Wika. Sometimes life brings you the bad things because there are better yet to come. That’s what I’ve learned these past weeks. The best thing about these people as I’ve always said is: we fight, we win or lose, we move on, and we’re still a family. #sARVivors


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