Seniors, So Far

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

I accept the love I know I deserve.

Life in high school is as usual, a helluva of total randomness. One minute, everybody’s having fun until someone announces a ‘surprise’ quiz on the next subject, or if classes cut due to an event but was revoked since it will only take two hours for it so there’s a resume. I love high school, but for some reasons, I also want to get out of it.

But before anything else, let’s play with some of these photos. Out of all the events and photos of my senior year, this one is pretty much what defines it.

Hey Hilary! Thinking about something?

Oh, Liane too. What is happening?

But of course, chos lang ‘yun. Hahaha. Hello again, Czam, love you so much!

Camera-glued, as always :pp

Like OMG!

Like OMG again!

Happy birthday Nikko! (September 22, 2012)

I instantly remembered HaNa from Love Rain (Im Yoona) after seeing this photo of Euan

Jana, Czam and Kezia

We’re about to go home, but Faye and I saw them taking pictures. Sali kami of course!

Cedie tambo power! OH YEAH \m/

Curls versus straight!

Euan and Vien


Kezia, Eman and Jana

ISSF=I Smell Something Fisheyyyy

I REALLY smell something fisheyyyy! HAHA

Feeling Kezia and Eman lang? Lol

They helped Jam cut Youth Camp name tags. I was already gone by that time. The following day was our competition day for UPLB SELES

Vien and Lea

The boys…

Jue and G’anne headed home na, finally!

Eh kasi, TEAM PauVen forever and ever since Grade Four!

We really love this love team. JUST GET BACK TOGETHER, WILL YOU?! Haha!

BFFs Calu and Ciano

Saturday (September 8) Symposium c/o DENR. We weren’t there since we’re in UPLB

Then, last September 14 after our classes. TGIF with the house!

We miss you Rus :( Go home na!


Vas happenin?

Shiela has finally found her destiny! HAHA And it is a second year student.

Group pictures! I wasn’t there yet so yeah.

By the way, that’s our new CAT shirt there


Jess and Intel

Under the lense

And my Gawad Alcala trophy. Heehee

Now back to what I was saying. Well, I really wanted to get out of high school. Some of my classmates never want to because they’re really happy. I am happy in high school because I have them, but it was such a protective sphere. That’s what I’m trying to tell my friends. They shouldn’t feel as if high school will be the end of happiness. Yes, it’s more fun in high school but we should not refuse to grow up.

Maybe for the remaining months of my high school life, I will try my best to really enjoy it and to my dear ARVs, don’t feel sad if our time is slipping away. Instead, make each day feel like months. Enjoy high school but don’t stick to it.


“Ate” Joyce


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  1. Paul Ydnar says:

    I hope that I’m there in the pictures :D Nice!

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