Sunny Days

Jashrawr’s Weather Forecast: Hurricane Depression brought a permanent marker of pain, but the clouds parted and the sun came out because of these awesome people I call friends. It will only be sunny days for the rest of the week :)

Aside from being a totally boring person, I also suck at having fun on my own. I always need other people to get me into doing something exciting. Sometimes, I wish something out of the ordinary will happen to me, but when I get it, it turns out to be something I never want to happen.

I stopped looking for happiness. Instead, I’ve let it find me. And frankly, doing things effortlessly gives you the best satisfaction at the end of time.

September 26 afternoon started with a girl trying to look for a WiFi connection, but failing in the end since she doesn’t know any passwords. That’s me, baby!

Paper Towns by John Green (This is a UPLB SELES gift for myself, which I still haven’t finished reading due to busy stuff going on these past weeks, but I’ll surely finish it after Second Quarterly exams)

My laptop desktop :p That’s not my sib or anybody else, that’s me as a baby!

A lot of my friends know my frustration over my hair. It’s just that no matter how many times I comb it and try to make it better, if not perfect, just one blow of the wind, it gets ruined.

The reason behind my bangs is because I have a totally huge forehead that gets even huge when I wear my glasses. I’m not in any way ashamed of my large forehead, I just can’t bear the idea of it getting even larger. That afternoon, I was so annoyed with my hair and my friends are trying to calm me by telling me to just clip it. I tried but after I look on a mirror, I un-clipped it again. Ugh.

I only realized today that I get really annoyed with my hair when I feel depressed. Given the haggardness of September, I think it really got into my nerves. Besides eating a lot of food when I’m stressed, I have a bad case with my hair. Back in first year, I even cut it short on my own.

So, to subdue my frustration, I just asked Angel to braid it, and yeah, it calmed me.

I’m such a laptop girl. I always find something to do with it even without the internet.

Socially awkward nga di’ba? But I love taking pictures with my friends even if I’m not a pretty site. Hahaha. It’s the memory that counts, dre!

See that red mark on my nose near my eyes? That’s a mark left because of my glasses. I think I need to have it adjusted otherwise I’ll live with the scar forever.

Cristel and Eman

Thanks to Jue who brought her camera that day, I had pictures for this blog =)

My dear friend, Faye (it’s pronounced as Pa-yie by the way)

Feeling model na naman si Jazz. He makes me laugh in every photo collections!

HAHA. Need I say more?!

Hardcore! Lol

I don’t get why Jazz and Faye are always fighting. They always bicker even since third year. I think they’re a nice match. Don’t you agree?


This was my favorite. Sirang-sira ang model reputation mo Jazz!

Ditched my laptop and watched G. at Bb. Agham 2012 practice instead. For the first time in my life, I felt bored about my boring routine.

Joyce and Joyce (only with different surnames)

B’anne looked like a politician here. Hehe

Nikko and Ara dancing for their production number

Gwapo ni Nikko especially during the Agham yesterday, but you have to wait for pictures. I wanna like grab him onstage! Lol

Pretty Ara

Most of my classmates were out since they’re practicing for Street Dancing, Jingle, and stuff. Fast forward that. Let’s skip to our narcissism. Thank you Paul for bearing with that!

And here goes Faye, Jue and I. This was the very stuff that day that made me feel happy. I’m so happy to have girl friends like them! <3

Pang prof pic lang. Lol

Peace out baby!

They looked ashamed of me here. Haha

Look at my nails! First attempt at nail art. I need more practice. Thanks for inspiring me, Saab Magalona!



To the side!

Progression of smile

E-K-G <3

First letters of our crushes’ names. Kiri lang. Hahaha. But whatever. We were so having fun that day, I forgot to care about people who are wants to make me feel sad.

I forgot caring about people whom I want to care about me but doesn’t care enough. It’s exhausting. I guess you can only achieve contentment when you want to. I am really happy that day, and also the next day (September 27), and until yesterday (September 28), and today as well.

As I’ve said in my Weather Forecast, it will only be sunny days for the rest of the week. I hope it stretches up to next week even if we’ve got a lot of exams coming since Second Quarter’s almost over. What even made this week awesome is that I am officially a Feature Writing contestant in DSPC this upcoming October 18-20 in Tayabas.

My friends, though we are jologs most of the time and we don’t do the kind of “fun” my other classmates do, we are happy of our own crowd. You could be happy if you let happiness find you :)


P. S.

#SOTD: You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol (This does not say much about my post and I think the song’s about breaking up or something. I just like hearing the ‘You could be happy’ part without having to understand the rest of the song)


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