As far as my long term mind remembers, I can’t remember a Thursday in high school when I ever felt lucky or happy. But September 27–which is a Thursday–was different. My Weather Forecast continued on and on. It is a Sunny Day =)

It was the start of Science Fair and Kaeremon will join the poster making contest. He feels nervous that morning because it’s his first time to join such kind of contest. But look at this drawing! It’s pretty, right?

Kaere and me

Hey Jue!

Jue looked like she’s chasing chickens here but it was very cute. Hehe

I love taking picture of this one…

Jue and Cedie’s body

Guess who?!

Of course, it’s I!

Jue and Bree

Me, Jue and Boss!


Our room, DOST 2 and DOST 1 was the venue for the exhibit and SIPs. The ESEP Seniors were in charge of taking care of that. Here are some bits of what’s in DOST 2.

Ilang beses tinangkang wasakin nguni’t di matibag-tibag! Congrats Street Dance, consistent champion!

Congrats Jingle, consistent second place since first year! Haha

Feel na feel ko talagang magpapicture that day! :p

Please welcome, Lavoisier from the dead! Lol

And he came with his friend, Ampere (who kinda look like Harry Potter too!)

Cosplayers Eman and Rombert!

Wafu ni Joatham! (Weh?!)

That was me reading Paper Towns beside Joatham. I’m really trying my best to read as much as I can before someone drags me to do this or that. Hehe

Jue, Joatham, Bree and Jere

The view once again

Hey Faye!

Okay, eto na naman si Jazz. Lol

Ang sweet naman! Reminds me of a poster of some romance movie or Koreanovela. Still #TeamPauVen though :p Ayaw talagang paawat?

They seem really busy… over a game in Lea’s Galaxy Tab

I was like, asleep for more than two hours. When lunch break started, it took until about 3pm before the contests resumed. At around 2:30, I decided to go home and eat first. I also changed into my old Sophomore jingle shirt and jeans.

B’anne during extempo

Mark Roe, Jue and I while watching Bree

NO FEAR! #Seeneeyors

My attempted nail art. Will do better next time! I call them Monster Nails–not because they look like monster but because they look horrible. Haha! By the way, it has been on my nails for a week that’s why it looks like it’s peeling off from my cuticles.

Thank you Paul for capturing bearable photos of mine. Hehe


The first sneaker I ever bought in my life. Remember, I don’t wear them :p

Occasionally, I stay until dark in school whenever I have projects. That day I stayed late partly because I’m waiting for Jue and Boss to finish cleaning up (I didn’t even bother to help) while I was having this usual long talk my my Bstfrnd.

Exhausted, but still happy. That’s ARV!

Time to go home now!

Was about to… but we still came back. Jue’s getting all hyped with taking pictures. Good thing I had her take picture of me and Jaiyo. This is like the first time we had a picture together, like ever, for the whole three years of our best friendship <3


Because Jean got “jealous” about my #TeamJazYe campaign, babawi ako para sa kanya. Lol


Hey there Cedy!

They took a picture without me :/

Yay! ABJ3 gals

Cedy wanted to take a picture with her ex-girlfriend-that-never-was Lol

I like this one! Hehe

Time to go home now. Awwww

In history of the Thursdays in my life, September 27 was totally the best in all epic proportions!




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