iHeart FrancElla

I know it’s crazy, but I’ve been obsessing over FrancElla ever since Francis entered this favorite teen show of mine called Aryana.

Well, like any other fandom story, I started to like them when they first partnered for the now-defunct show Dahil Sa Pag-ibig. They’re just young and all, but I love their chemistry and their natural acting. As far as Twitter and Instagram is concerned, they’re really close in real life–their family included.

So, thanks to their Instragram account, Tumblr and their official Facebook page: FrancElla Official, I have pictures for my blogs. (I don’t own them so credits to the owners)

I heard they both love drums!

This was during their taping in Star City (FrancElla with Bebeth)

They always goof around when they’re together (which is really cute)

Even their Twitter headers are almost the same (though as of yesterday, I saw they’ve changed it)

“Handa akong harapin ang takot ko sa tubig…”

Parang bf/gf of some sorts :p

And those sweet akbayan. You will really think they’re together together, but they’re enjoying being friends. Anyway, their “sweetness” is legal because their parents are aware of them.

During their dance concert in Aryana

The best thing about FrancElla is that, they are properly flamboyant about their friendship. Others call it “PBB Teens”, I call it being real. A lot of love teams today pretend to be sweet in front of cameras in interviews just to get a bazillion of supporters. These two, they’re not afraid to show who they really are on and off cam. I love ’em! Well, I’m a certified crazed fan girl.


Meanne asked me a while ago, “How are you so sure that they’re not just acting in front of the camera?” It’s a hard question! Hahaha, Reminded me of an investigator with a mustache.

But my answer is: Daddy Elmer Magundayao is a really great stalker, these two don’t know they’re being photographed in their kulitan. Lol

What’s your answer? Tweet Meanne: @M3anne and me: @manriquejoyce!


P. S.

Watch Aryana every Monday-Friday at 5:45pm.


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