#DSPC2012: Day Zero (First Half)

Every year, the Department of Education holds a Press Conference for young journalists all over the Philippines to showcase the talent of students in the field of Campus Journalism

It has three stages: Division (every provinces and cities); winners of DSPC will go to Regional (every regions in the Philippines); and winners of Regional will compete in the National competition.

Campus Journalism has been a part of every school in the Philippines that students really compete in the different categories comprising the said event:

  • News Writing
  • Editorial Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • Editorial Cartooning
  • Sports Writing
  • Photojournalism
  • Copy Reading and Headline Writing
  • Radio Broadcasting and Scriptwriting
  • Online Writing
  • Desktop Publishing

We are all lucky–me. especially–to have been chosen as representatives of one of the well-known school paper in the Philippines: The Coconut (Ang Niyog)

Quezon’s Division School Press Conference was held last October 17-19 at the Paaralang Elementarya ng Lucban in the beautiful town of Lucban, Quezon

At the van with Andrew, and Christine the Pershagit girl. Haha. Well, she’s crushing on Andrew that’s why we call her pershagit. It’s gay lingo for “kabit”.

Andrew, Nica and Czam outside PEL Covered Court

I just love the beauty and cleanliness of PEL!

Christine, Meanne, Lea and Cheber

With the individual gangs! :)

Because it’s hot outside, the radio broadcasters decided to stay inside their “monster” van. Sosyal!

Jean and her awesome star glasses with my cousin, Joshua

“Seamus the swan”, as Sir ROE calls him (Six years ‘yan staffer!)

Stolen shot by Paul while I was fussing with my bag. Haha!

BANAAG! Hahaha. We never got used to calling him John Ryan.

This is while we’re waiting for the keys to our room. Anyway, the boys and girls have separate quarters and we have to climb a set of stair to get there, but it was fun! We never have to worry about electric fans since it’s called up there. The only problem we had was water.

My DSPC Buddies: Meanne, Christine, Lea and yours truly :p

We went out to the town proper for lunch since food aren’t served until dinner. Lucban is such a nice town (and I noticed there are a lot of rich people!), but the roads are so narrow I’m afraid I’d get hit if I don’t look properly.

Fountain somewhere near the church…

Stopped by the church to pray and ask for guidance :) Purposely black and white by Paul.

Madam Puno, Jam and Cheber at a waiting shed

So that was the first half of Day Zero. Watch out for the second half later or tomorrow (basta kung kelan ako sipagin haha!). More photos and stories to follow.

I wanna thank PAUL YDNAR JULO for letting me use your photos. #muchlove



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