#DSPC2012: Day Zero (Second Half)


So, to continue The Coconut’s adventure in Lucban, here I am on a Wednesday rainy morning for the duty.

After lunch, we set out to help make Andrew and Camille’s costume for the Mr. and Miss Young Journalist that will be held on the night of the 18th. As part of the deal, the creative costume should be made of newspapers and other materials that can found inside our quarters.

Good thing we’ve got a wide space outside that we don’t have to thrash our room. Haha


Me and my awesome teeth! (I helped and folded a couple of newspapers but because I am very lazy, I just goofed around. Lol)

Me with Meanne and Lea (the master designer)

And the DSPC Loveteam of the Year!!!! (drumroll) Christine and Andrew! We’ve been teasing them days before the DSPC in the Coconut Office. Christine and I were pretty close at that time. One day, she just started asking stuff about Andrew and I was like, “Some underclassman’s crushing on an upperclassman”, and my classmates were like, “Ooooooh.” You get the sense!

That was the time when Ma’am Puno started to call her Pershagit (gay lingo for “kabit”), and we all called her that. But that’s not name calling, babes, in case you’re steaming out there. Uso na okrayan sa Coconut.

Meanne, Christine and I!

Joshua eating Cheetos with Lianne and Keihle (she reminds me of Myrtle. Haha! Only better)

Seamus, so serious!

Cheber and Czam

(Sidenote: By this time, I was somewhere outside since I’m looking for a reception to watch Aryana thru my Mum’s phone. Well, I only borrowed it for that, but ABS-CBN doesn’t have a good reception there. Sad)

Jean with the sophomore girls: Bianca, Tirsha, Gillian and Christine

Sir ROE, di malalayo sa laptop + internet like ever!

The gang with our boss, Danica (Coconut EIC)

Camera glued, as usual (on our way to the banquet)

In the cold dark night…

Jam and Paui

In line for food. The line was soooooo long!

Jean, Andrew, Jam, Me and Calu

Keihle and POWIE!

Joshua, Trisha and Gillian

Finally we got our food and started eating!  After eating, we had to stay for the opening program. ‘Course, what should you do when you’re not doing anything? Photo op again! HAHA

Gelo, Cheber, Czam, Paul, Justine and Gillian

Shared the table with these guys! It’s so dark inside the court that’s why we look dark too! (Anyare sa logic ko? Haha! I keep repeating words)

Jean, Carlo, Keihle, Andrew, Calu, Jam and Paui at another table

Paul, our very patient camera-guy <3

Nica, Camille, Gian with Ma’am Puno, Ma’am Vhan and Sir ROE

Ma’am Babe and Sir Babe! Haha

That was the wrap of Day Zero. There was a cute opening program from a group of elementary students of PEL, but sadly, I can’t find a picture of that. Anyway, after the program we wen’t back to our quarters and beat each other to the comfort room.

Sadly, there’s not water supply during the evening so we had to take really little water at a time. It wasn’t long though until we discovered a tank that supplies water the next day.

Have I told you that DSPC’s not just a contest or press conference? It’s also a survival skill learning… and that’s why I love it.



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