#DSPC2012: Put It All In One Post

Because I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll just sum everything up in this post.

DSPC 2012 has been a nice Press Con for me. Despite the problems I carried with me to Lucban, I had a chance to forget them all because I had the best people with me. These guys were so fun to be with, I almost wished time would stop.

I know, that sounds corny. Yet, if there’s one part of my life I will never wish to vanish, it’s the memory of DSPC 2012.

That morning, Paul was experimenting with his camera taking shots from under, and these girls posed so willingly for it. Haha

Cheber, Christine and Meanne

And the crowd got larger as the minutes pass. Grabe, I look crazy lying down there. Haha!

The sun was shining beautifully that day. I just can’t help but soak under it, even if I’m inside :D

Sir ROE harassed Lea’s sleeping bag!

Yayyyy :)

I joined them after a while. Paul used the camera countdown to join us as well. We have to smile for ten agonizing seconds before it captures. Can you take that?!

The gals!

Paul told me he likes black and white photos that day, so he set the camera to that, and voila! Pose everywhere while waiting for the contests to start.


Sunshine <3 (It’s my cover photo in Facebook!)


Cheber (Cherry’s her real name by the way! In case you’re wondering why someone’s got that odd name, it’s some sort of a nickname she lived through since second year because of us. Hehe)

Pershagit girl, Christine. Awww. I miss your kadaldalan and dreamy plans about being the editor-in-chief of New York Times!

Meanne! You can’t imagine how long I have to wait for her every morning. She’s very generous when it comes to the bathroom scheds that’s why she’s always the last to take a bath. Where I, on the contrary, takes a bath as early as I can to follow the water supply. Ayokong tumabo! But I make sure I pay back the number of pails of water I used. Haha!

I noticed… my face is getting fat, and so does my whole body. Diet, diet!

Kunwari pang di alam na pinipicturan. Lol




Carlo Panesa who loves saying ULOL!

I look craaaaaazy!

Haha some more for my big face

Paul, Christine and Trisha

Radio broadcasters

Gian… I love his shirt!

Paui, Bianca and Andrew

The electric fan. Bow.

Justine, Jam, Joshua and Carlo

Eh kasi, they went around town while Meanne and I were competing for the Online Writing

Andrew looks lost. Lol

We had a lot going on that day, especially the next day since it’s time for the radio broad, so everybody’s almost busy. Anyway, we still had a lot of fun. Hayyy, couldn’t have asked for more!

Congrats to all the winners. Y’all know who you are. Can’t wait for RSPC already. We’re gonna rock Batangas out, Coconutters! <3



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