Picture Perfect (Remake) by Jamich

The mission of The Jubilee Project is to make videos for a good cause. Our vision is to produce entertaining content that will empower, enable, and inspire others to do good as well.

According to the description in YouTube, this video was made as a support to the Leukemia awareness week. The Jubilee Project, in light of my own understanding, is an organization that advocates people who watch their videos to do good and ignite the chain reaction of helping and making other people’s lives well by being sensitive to how they feel.

I think their concept of short films help a lot and motivates a lot to do good, because #DoingGoodisContagious


I am not much of a JAMICH fan, but I watch most of their short films and videos in YouTube. My favorite ever since then was TEXT–well, not until now. Maybe it’s not an original story, but I love how they touched my heart through their remake of Picture Perfect. It was a tearjerker. So guys, I am taking this opportunity to share the video to you:

Do not compare the two videos because they are both good. This story simply tells us that we should always cherish the moments we can grab, and always spend them happily with our loved ones :)

The last song, Mess We’ve Made by AJ Rafael and Tori Kelly, was amazing and fit for the story. I’ve got a new favorite song!


P. S.




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