On Replay: Red Roses by AJ Rafael

I’m no pro in music technicalities. I’m not even good in distinguishing which genre an artist sings. But as long as it’s got nice lyrics and music, I love it.

I’ve recently watched JAMICH’s remake of Picture Perfect (this was first and originally made by The Jubilee Project) The whole short film plays four songs of AJ Rafael. I loved them all, and yes, I got hooked to his songs.

I’ve seen and heard him once singing a song with Gary Valenciano in ASAP through their segment ASAP Tagged, and thought he was good, but it was not only through Picture Perfect that I realized how good his songs are.

And now, Red Roses is on replay!Current faves:

Emma Watson

When We Say (feat. Andrew de Torres)

Without You ♥

We Could Happen (At 0:17, the girl’s name is Nina Faye-the same name as my friend Faye’s :p)

Five Hundred Days

And my favorite favorite: Mess We’ve Made (feat. Tori Kelly)

I know it’s a sad song, but it puts me in a sad mood (in a good way), and it sounds quite relaxing. Good gracious, this song just takes my heart away.

Fact: AJ Rafael is a gem, and he’s my current favorite male artist ♥



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