SM Free Movie Day

“With its commitment towards quality movie entertainment, SM Cinema recently launched a “Free Movie Day” following the recently converted film-based theatres into digital.”

This Free Movie Day is open to ALL people who, by chance of luck, have knowledge about it.

How to get free tickets?

  1. Go and LIKE
  2. Click the Free Movie Day app the arrow on the header is pointing at.
  3. Follow all the instructions in the app (choose your time wisely, the SM Cinema branch where you’re near at, the one friend you want to watch the movie with, and the movie you’re watching)
  4. After the confirmation, click the icon “Download PDF” at the lower right bottom of the box containing your name and your friend’s name. (Please be reminded that once you put your friend’s name, s/he can’t register separately)
  5. After you’ve downloaded the PDF, print it.
  6. Go to the SM Cinema where you’re watching the movie on or before December 6, 2012. Bring your valid ID, and keep in mind the time you chose to watch it because it’s a single chance ticket which you don’t wan to miss!

One of my goals this year is to watch STEP UP 4: Revolution, but I missed that chance last July. So, in light of this Free Movie Day, I decided to grab the chance to watch it in big screen.

Today, I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my best friends, Jueann and Faye. We’ve been planning to watch this movie before, yet it didn’t happen due to school works. So, I chose Jue as my friend companion for the movie. While I told Faye to select Adrian (another friend of ours) so we could all watch together. Yayyy!

We’re scheduled to watch at 1PM. What time are you watching and which movie did you choose? See you on December 8 :)



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4 Responses to SM Free Movie Day

  1. Kaeremon says:

    Yea! It’s gonna be FUN. :D See ya!

  2. jasper says:

    i tried to register but i cant select a movie.. there is no clickable!

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