Wattpad, as probably most people know, is a free website where you can post your own stories online. I, for one, have gotten hooked to it in third year. My classmates recommend a lot of stories. I did read some works of a few authors, but I’ve only got one favorite: HaveYouSeenThisGirl or Denny in real life (I really don’t know her surname).

She’s an eighteen year old Filipina who is now based in Italy. She writes and posts stories in Wattpad which are, in my opinion, something more-and better- than some of the cliché stuff we sometimes read in Wattpad. Her stories are humor-filled which never fail to make me laugh. Not just that-it contains cute love stories (something kilig-filled but not OA), and lessons in life.

I haven’t read all of her stories, but I follow this interconnected stories about Memo Clarkson (who he loves to manipulate) and his friends: Seven Astute (the playboy), Trey Dinaro (the loyal), Eros Magdayo (the bad boy), Saturn Ignacio (the Casanova), Sync Mnemosyne (the famous vocalist of the fictional band, Syntax Error), and my favorite, Cross Sandford (the richest, ‘pinakagwapo’, and the Cookie Monster!).

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Anyway, these guys have all found their love stories in different types of girls in different stories. But, their friend Memo, the manipulator, set them up. Good thing: he always find the girls who can change their lives. Bad thing: he can either make them last, or break them apart.

So, now, let me tell you the different stories of these guys I’ve come to love.

11 Ways to Forget You Ex-Boyfriend

This is the story of Trey Dinaro and his mission to help Sena get over his ex-boyfriend, Allen, through the a list of 11 ways. This list is given by a  mysterious person. One by one, Sena follows it until the day came when she finally opened her heart to a new love… and Trey.

Short review: This is a short story, and though the characters are quite serious on the approach, I loved the story. It must have been hard for Sena to move on because she loved Allen so much. The good things is, she still gave love a second chance, and Trey is just the right guy for it.

Diary ng Panget (Season 1)/Diary ni Eya (Season 2)

Reah Rodriguez has been an orphan for a long time. Her parents died when she was young, so she lived with her aunt and worked for her to be able to study in college. She’s a pre-college student in Willford Academy when she met Cross Sandford-a hateful guy model of Bench. In a huge twist of fate, Eya worked as a maid for the Sandfords not knowing she’ll be Cross’ personal maid.

Eya’s not actually ugly in contrast of what Cross always says. She’s just got a lot of pimples and her lips are chopped because she doesn’t take care of her beauty that much. After some reinvention, Eya comes out of her “dark days” and improve a little over the time.

Cross fell in love with Eya and they started dating until they became a couple. They always fight, but Cookie Monster (Cross) and Cookie Bear (Eya), always make up at the end of the day. Yet, little did they know that their families have an old conflict, and this was reopened because of The Manipulator, Memo Clarkson!

Short review: It is noticeable, guys and gals, that DNP and DNE are my favorites. This story is very unique, and my stomach, lips, and teeth are in cooperation all throughout. Eya and Cross’ love story has a million of bright colors in it that I just can’t get enough of them. Even if the story’s not close to reality, it still approaches a new way of story-telling which I’m sure, if this ever turned into a movie, it’ll be box office!


Voiceless is a musically inclined story since it stars Sync Mnemosyne, the heartbroken lead vocalist of Syntax Error who can’t get over his ex-girlfriend. Momoxhien Clarkson, Memo’s younger sister, is his number 0 fan. Through Memo’s scheming talent, Momo got close to Syntax Error by working for them. Sync used her in trying to forget his ex, but he still can’t love her. Momo, as the naive girl, succumbed to Sync’s-um, how shall I put this?-guy desire, and she got pregnant. Momo, knowing that Sync doesn’t really love her, decided not to tell her about this, and went to another country to give birth to a child she named Blue (Sync’s favorite Gatorade color/flavor)

Short review: Aside from the bonus part that it is quite related to music; amongst Denny’s works, this has the best ending I’ve ever read. Mostly, I find it corny when two people got together in the ending, but I couldn’t think that way for Sync and Momo. Voiceless thought me a lot in life. It’s about second chances, and forgiveness.

I Met A Jerk Whose Name Is Seven

“Cheating is a choice. Love or Friendship? A story about a selfish girl and a straightforward jerk.” Annika, a lonely girl who can’t get what she wants, will go to lengths of cheating with her best friend’s boyfriend because she feels she doesn’t have enough. One time, Seven Astute caught her ‘making out’ with Kirby. As an exchange for him not spreading the photos and videos, Annika has to be his slave for a month.

Seven, despite his playboy attitude, helps Annika in realizing that what she’s doing is wrong. That maybe, she only thinks she loves Kirby because she needs him and he was there for her when she felt down. Annika thought Seven was meddling, but she didn’t know until much later that Seven has been in love with her for a long time. How did they meet and how did all this cheating started? Trust Memo to be responsible for that.

Short review: Voiceless has my favorite ending, but this one’s got the most meaningful ending-which I can’t tell you or I’ll ruin it. All I can say is, this story helps angst-y teens realize the importance of life and how we affect other people. And that at the end of the day, we’ll never really get the ending we want-maybe it’s something better, or something that will hurt us, but teach us a lesson too.

She Died.

Eros Magdayo is a prodigal adopted child who spends most of his time in troubles and basag-uloHe despises his parents and acts rebellious to hurt them, but he loves his Ate Risa (10 Signatures to Bargain with God) and he will do anything for her to get better even if it means believing in a ‘superficial’ thing like an angel. Eris Jane Trinidad, an angel, has been sent by God in a mission to fulfill Eros’ wish. In exchange, he has to fill Eri’s heart necklace until it gets full red. If they’re successful, Eros will get his wish while Eris will come back to her old life again.

Short pre-review: The truth is, I haven’t finished this yet since I’ve got a lot of books still yet to read at home. Plus, I’m still waiting for a new phone my Tatay will send me to be able to download the Wattpad Mobile App since I’m not really fan of reading stories through my laptop (fyi, I’ve read Denny’s other stories through my Mom’s phone). Still, I am quite fascinated by this story. It’s something that you can’t guess the ending. Well, Denny’s works have never failed to awe me, and that’s one of the main factors why I am still a fan of her stories up until now.

One Bad Move

A love quadrangle between Memo Clarkson, Saturn Ignacio, Aly and Gael. Currently, this story is on hiatus, but a lot of HYSTG’s readers are interested in this story because finally, we will understand why Memo’s like that-why he loves to manipulate people. As of now, One Bad Move is on hiatus. I guess the readers will have to wait :)

I read on Denny’s Twitter (@diarynidenny) that she’s currently looking up a publisher for her publishing plans. I wonder what story she has in it for it, but I am sure that whatever it is, it will be a good one. I hope she do find one, and I wish her the best!

Visit the following to read more about her:

HaveYouSeenThisGirl on Wattpad
Official Website



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4 Responses to HaveYouSeenThisGirl

  1. ljdaluz says:

    This is SO right! I also love Ate Denny’s stories. Haha. Share. :)

  2. jhen querol says:

    i love your stories ate denny. :)

  3. i really really do have an overwhelming love with denny… though i Am not a FAN yet though i somehow would really like to become one, her stories are very unique and blessed with HEART…reading her stories apparently the ones you’ve fore mentioned gave me such fillings for my emptiness…hehe i am pertaining to loneliness and stress. I am also an aspiring writer and she is my inspiration to become one. The most favorite story of mine by hers was DIARY NG PANGET, i really love Eya Reah Rodriguez, she’s really such an optimistic well natured lass, to be paired up with Cross Sandford who’s a contrast in some points…..And among all of her stories certainly this is the best one this made me SMILE MERRILY AND LAUGH MUCH…..I REALLY DO HOPE TO READ DNP/DNE as a BOOK someday and i really much would like to buy this with much wait. I forgot to mention that i constantly re-reAd the story of EYA AND CROSS and i cant just live a day without being HAPPY…NAKKKS1

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