Circus life, under the big top world, we all need the clowns, to make us smile :)

My love for GLEE started when I first heard their version of Journey’s phenomenal song, Faithfully. Maybe it’s become some sort of addiction, maybe it’s become some sort of crazed fanatism, or maybe there’s just something in it that compelled me and made me hang on for four seasons in a row. I may not be sure of the real reason, but I am certain in my heart that I am, indeed, an original, no dumbass copycat, no.1–in my own world–GLEEk.

gleeAside from its totally awesome revision of popular songs and original songs, GLEE deals with common teenage problems like bullying, anorexia, social-awkwardness, homosexuality, and also everything that goes on in high school. Thus, this series from Fox also touches the importance of friendship, family, inspiration, teamwork and dreams in a smooth approach which you can relate to. I guess it’s the best things about GLEE: you can learn things without the characters saying it to you like a lecture.

While there are some parts that you may find weird–especially the comedy parts I can’t sometimes get–the whole lot of situation in GLEE is not different from what’s happening to some of us right now. What with the problems at home? What with that guy you are trying so hard to make papansin? What with that happy feeling you get when you did something out of the ordinary? And what with that feeling you feel every time you helped a friend?

So, let me start this one by this poster Kaeremon made months ago for the Science Fair:

jashThere are a lot of sights that make your eyes wander just to see them all. Maybe it causes your head ache, but you still want to look at it any way, because it’s very colorful. It’s not a different when you’re in high school. You dread going to classes which bore you, you tend to hate some people for their bitchy attitudes, you get to work on a lot of things, but you still go. Why? Because there are no other places that can make you happier than going to school.

Don’t Stop Believin’

“Some will win, some will lose, some are born to sing the blues, but the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on.”

Forming New Directions and getting them to work together was hard for Mr. Schuester because these kids have different personality. Back then, it was only Rachel (who always wants be the star), Finn (who doesn’t really want to be a member), Mercedes and Kurt (who want to compete with Rachel), and Artie and Tina (who lacks enough self-confidence). Yet, by the magic of cooperation and inspirational wisdom from Mr. Schue, these kids worked together and as the show progresses, New Directions got larger.

1-4When we were in first year, we have problems with unity and cooperation. At that time, we’re just these kids who are all trying to show off and beat each other to the ranking. Apparently, at that time, I’m not concerned about my grades because I was moony-eyed with somebody (story to be told later). It was not until a certain event in English with a few sermon from Ma’am Calma that we realized we should work together to perform better.


From that time, we learned the art of cooperation. We became a close-knit and the feeling was incomparably fulfilling. My life as an AV was something I hold best in my mind. In first year, I really learned a lot. At the start, we were always a flop, but as the song goes, the movie never ends, and we sure did our best to make our teachers believe in us <3

We’re such yagits back then!



Don’t Stop

“Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow, don’t stop, it’ll soon be here, it’ll be, better than before, yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.”

There was one episode in GLEE season 2 where they were having problems in teamwork because of personal issues between the love triangle of Rachel-Finn-Quinn. It seemes like it’ll never be solved, but at the end of the day, their goal still prevailed (and that is to reach Nationals), so they set aside their issues and did their best to work together.

2-3In Sophomore year, we were like sea turtles tossed together by different waves. We came from different sections, jumbled together. Back in first year, we had conflicts with ESEP B. The remaining original A’s didn’t know how to interact with our new classmates. I, for one, back then have always felt intimidated by Liane and Ara Mae. They were like the powerhouse of I-FA, and I don’t know how to ride with their personalities. But it is true that first impressions never last. I got over with my self-issues with them, and now I realized how fun and natural they can be. The same goes with my other classmates :)

In second year, I also got to experience different fun activities which I loved and haven’t forgotten up until now.

Superhero inspired Jingle-making

2-6First GenCamp ever!

2-7Most memorable coastal clean up

2-5 2-4

We Are Young

“Toniiiiiight, we are young, so let’s accept the world on fire, we can go brighter, than the sun!”

My favorite episode in Season 3 was the episode entitled “Hold Onto Sixteen”. This song focuses on Sam, a New Directions member who dropped out of school for because of financial problems. With the help and encouragement of New Directions, Sam returned to school and got to enjoy the perks of being a teenager.

3-1AI had an inferiority complex in Junior Year. I became totally quiet during class. I don’t even try to speak up during group meetings for contests. Maybe I became too much of an introvert back then. I felt like I don’t belong. But this song changed my perspective. I think the only reason of my being an outcast back then was because I don’t do my best to belong.

I’m always a pet of Aline. Going home early to accompany her to her house. Ditch possible ecstatic hard-rock party stuff for her. I’m not blaming Aline, she’s my best friend no matter what. But I think I needed to get a life, so I decided maybe I do need to do something for myself. And yes, I had a chance to enjoy my junior year even before it ended.

Best Christmas Party ever!




3-6And my favorite photos from Junior? Not mine, but Andrew’s face after the May Pera sa Harina contest. Haha!

3-5And also Nikko’s NGUNIT! during their Sabayang Pagbigkas


Em not here though :/

3-3 Roots Before Branches

“Oh why do I reach for the stars, when I don’t have roots to carry me that far?”

This is such a sad song (and video). When I think about graduation, I feel really sad. I just try to conceal it by always cheering and saying “I can’t wait to go to college!”. Experiences in high school, for me, are the roots that will help us sprout good and mighty branches in college. Other people would say the values they learned from their secondary year. But if you ask me, I would simply say: I HAD FUN.

Our buwis-buhay attitude for pictures

4-1Those quirky poses we do for photos :)

4-7This year, I really made it a point to spend as much time as I can muster with my classmates. I’ve made quite a lot of thinking last summer. ARV, they’ve always been there for me in their own mutual way. And instead of trying to keep up with people I can’t reach, I think I just need to stay with people who actually wants to stay.

4-5 4-4Despite the recently concluded section ‘wars’, ESEP Seniors 2012-2013 still remained together. It was one of the many things I am really proud of.

4-6 4-3 4-12I also never thought we’d be in good terms with LV ♥

LV 4-8And ABJ3 will become ABJ3F :)

abj3f 4-11 4-10And we would get as plenty of awards during the Division Science Fair–especially for our group, Group 7, who had no plans in competing AT ALL :)

4-14 4-13Now, we won Cantata, and I am just soooooo happy for us, and we are thankful of the people who believe in us!



SALUDO1-cantataDOST holds a lot of memories in our lives. Like the New Directions, we are also of different beliefs in life. Aline once told me that she’s curious about how we’re keeping our unity even if we have so much issues with each other. The truth is, I have no idea how we’re doing it.


“C-! That’s a Puckerman A+. I’m graduating!”


Glory Days

We’ve never experienced fear of not graduating high school because we are in ESEP and we strive hard to do the best we can and get to college. I just can’t stop relating myself with Puckerman at the end of season 3. There are times when I have low grades, and I would be really disappointed. Then, I will do my best, and when they get higher even just by a slight point, I’d be really joyous.

grad2 grad1Graduation like McKinley High? I WISH! It would be so awesome to have s band playing old school songs while names are being called out. You see, Quezon High has 2000+ graduates every year, and it would be boring to have just you know, the long drawl of names the whole afternoon. But I’m guessing it’s impossible.

It’s still three months away. There’s still Christmas Party, Farmhouse overnight, JS Prom, Senior’s Day, a lot of Batong Bola sessions in front of DOST, and a baggage-full more of happy memories I’m yet to keep in my final year in this school I thought I’d never love.

I had awesome teachers, awesome friends, awesome great hits and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. Quezon High–especially ARV–had given me a lifetime gift that wouldn’t be scattered in the wind forever ♥

Exceptionally sentimental,


P. S.

With this post, I leave you GLEE’s awesome version of Some Nights :)

Some nights, some days, we don’t know what we stand for, but we know we always stand for each other, and I love you guys x



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