The Theorem of Underlying Friendzone Predictability

Obviously, my title is not an original since it’s Colin Singleton’s Eureka in John Green’s book (which I’ve recently finished and loved). As I am writing today, I am in the middle of wondering what friendzone really means and researching a list of topics my good friends, Czam and Cydrick have provided me yesterday which might be the topic for the feature writing tomorrow. Still, I can’t quite focus on it since the ‘friendzone’ tugs my brain really hard.

Anyway, as far as I can remember, Ramon Bautista mentioned in his book (Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?) that ‘friendzone’ is the new basted (insert confusion here of thinking basted should be spelled busted).

As I am reading, I suddenly asked my companions here in RSPC about what that means. All I can remember from what they said is that when you say “I like you” or “I love you” to somebody and s/he didn’t return the affection and instead gave excuses to reject what you in his/her “nice ” way, that means s/he’s not interested in you. Which is true, I guess.

So what’s the problem?

I guess, like Colin Singleton, I want to predict whether the person I like will friendzone me in the end. Hahaha. Okay, so before this gets weirder, I gotta go now because I’m starting to get even more confused.

Tell you more later. Focus on contest first!

May the odds be ever in my (and our) favor,



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