Aside from the fact that a lot of girls are really moody, they are awfully unpredictable. It’s part of their nature. The same way that some guys are hard to understand, or some of them are downright jerks at times.

As far back as I can remember, I learned from my Mom that you should never succumb and be under any boy’s rants about you. Well, she didn’t actually say that to me, but based on the stuff she had been through, I also learned the lessons she learned.

Sometimes, I tend to hate my Mom because she’s overbearing when it comes to me and liking a boy. I think she knows I tend to be too soft when I start to like someone. Tonight, I am in the middle of a confusion. Part of me is afraid to understand further because it might lead to two things: one, he might return the feelings and two: I might get friendzoned. Part of me wanted to understand to avoid further confusion, I just can’t focus my mind.

Earlier this evening, I talked to my Bstfrnd, Jaiyo (yes, I tied the threads after some months), and he told me to be cautious about the decisions I’m making. And he’s just right. Maybe I was being too carried away with this thing going on. God, I don’t even know what’s going on.

So tonight, despite the fact that I’m quite groggy with all the events, I decided that maybe I should lay off a little. I deserve understanding, too. I may like him, but that doesn’t mean I’d allow it to get the most part of me. Besides, I tried to talk to him, and he started to have a convo with another girl which made me even more skeptic about ‘us’.

I may be unpredictable, but that’s me. A lot of people managed to adjust to that, I’m wondering why he’s saying he can’t.

If he likes you, he’ll try to understand you. If he can’t do that, then maybe he just doesn’t like you :)))))


P. S.

Awarding tomorrow. I’m afraid of the results because I really want to win, but whatever it may be, I still believe in what I’ve written on that paper. After all, the judge said that we should enjoy what we’re doing and not think of the competition.


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