Bitter Girls Gone Love

February 14, 2013: I think this was the day when I did something that really want. Not because I am required to do it, and not because someone wants me to do it. I DITCHED JS PROM. I didn’t attend the JS Prom. That’s not a good thing, youngsters. JS is a huge part of your life, especially when you’re a Senior, and it’s your last shot. Yet, I had this feeling that I should not attend, and just when I thought I’d be spending the whole afternoon to myself, Jue agreed to watch a movie with me :)

It was the day when I dressed something out of my usual uncaring self, and so did Jue. here’s a couple of awkward photos I took at home. Hihi. I only used my phone’s (Samsung Galaxy Y) camera that’s why it’s not that good.


awk2Before we go to the movie house up above, I told her I need to eat first since I still haven’t had my lunch. Guess where we ate? You don’t have to, coz you know where.

28Jue and the Krusher

27We went to National for a while.

30 29

After that, we went to watch Safe Haven (see Let’s Get Critical post for some back story). We didn’t have an idea what we’re getting to, but we both loved the movie. It was a perfect V-day movie. Nakakatuwa pa, every time there’s a kissing/love scene, Jue would joke and say, “Hoy bata, uwi na. Bawal yan sa’yo!” HAHA

1After the movie, we bummed around the mall and the Department Store. Of course, we deserved to document our very rare dressing-up moment, so we had some pictures.

As usual, the jologness is evident :p

20I didn’t expect Jue would wear shorts. Lol

11I have a thing for Shoe Pictures, you know.

8Pa-stolen pa ang bata :p

9Sifted through DVDs, but I second thought, so I didn’t buy one even if they’re on sale.

6I got excited when I saw this. Proud GLEEk!


We saw this cute cars which were dressed like a couple! <3

2We learned that there will be a Valentine performance, and we decided to watch it, but first, we went to Artwork.

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” Sayang, I would have bought this shirt!

7Just the shirt you need in the day you ditched Prom. Haha!

19And so, we watched the show. Coincidentally, it is the school where my Bstfrnd, Jaiyo, is learning his violin: High Strings.

13 12Yeeeeep ;)

22 21The singer (which I take is also their teacher) has a nice soothing voice :)

14And I thought this violinist was cute. Hehe

23We didn’t finish the performance because Jue had to buy materials for her project in Values. I went there with her in National again.

Ang artiii ko.

24The Safe Haven trailer was playing!

16 15Bookmarks :D


26 25For a day, we had a chance to feel pretty and have fun without people having to judge ;)

4Happy Valentine’s Day! HAPPY THURSDAY!




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2 Responses to Bitter Girls Gone Love

  1. JAM says:

    HAHAHA! Si Jino ung cute na sinasabi mo Ate Joyce. LOL. Ka-yfc ko :D

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