The El Fili Show

Here are some of the photos on the one occasion I attended the shooting for our El Fili. I am a hemophobic, but the good thing is, I am only afraid of human blood. Hahaha!

First, they had to dress up the old clothes. Meanne told me to dress like them too, but I made an excuse that I am doing something. Hahaha. Di ko feel humiga at duguan. Lol

1Lay down, m’dears!


2Here goes the blood!


6 5

In truth, I didn’t do anything. I’m more of an admirer than a performer :)


Look at the progress!



Ang hot lang ni John Mark!


#TeamCedRee (EX!)

10And lastly, and hinagpis ni Cedie :D


We originally planned to make a movie, but we’ve lacked time, so we only did a trailer. Although it’s missing out on words (and its an essential aspect of a trailer), I’m still proud of the outcome. So, here’s the trailer:

I’m gonna miss this :( Gradution’s only a 17 days away.



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