Take Care of Your Eyes

When I was in my pre-elem days, I remember my Mum always chastising me about reading books in the dim parts of our house, or when the sun is setting. I thought reading while the sun is setting is just some sort of superstitious belief, but I regretted it later.

I started wearing glasses in my first year. I was too dumb to even tell my Mum and Dad about my eyes when I was in grade 5 and grade 6 because I thought it was just some sort of thing I shouldn’t take seriously. I still continued reading even when the light is dim, and I don’t even bother about it until I can’t understand my Algebra lessons, that’s when I asked to have glasses.

glassesWearing glasses is not the slightest bit cute, unless you’re as pretty and adorable as Zooey Deschanel–well, that’s different.

JessSure, wearing glasses makes you look smart and intimidating, but it’s such a hassle especially when you’re wearing it for necessity. I have an astigmatism plus a 500-550 grade which means I will never be able to walk around without my eye support, like ever.

Too bad, I had some aspirations to become sporty. I really felt my regret not taking care of my eyes while watching the final game of DLSU Lady Spikers and ADMU Lady Eagles last week. I mean, I suddenly wanted to learn volleyball and even try out, but I remembered I have glasses and wearing contact lenses looks impossible *sighs*

DLSU-ladyspikers DLSUSo, if your eyes are still good, here are some tips you might want to consider:

  1. Don’t wear glasses that are not suitable for your eyes. One of the main reasons why my eyes had gotten dimmer was because I used some stray eyeglasses I found at home, and though it helped me clear my vision, it made it even bad after some months.
  2. Tell your parents about it immediately. Sure, my family have some financial crisis back then, but I know that if I had said it earlier, I wouldn’t get to this point. So, no matter how hopeless your situation might be at the moment, when it comes to your health, never take it for granted!
  3. Do not read in dim light and during sunset. I have no idea if the sunset thing has some scientific basis, but I guess it’s one of the things that contributed to my situation right now. Reading is fun, and I still read a lot, but don’t be too abusive.
  4. Eat healthy foods, especially Vitamin A. This is too late for me anyway. I am fond of eating leafy vegetables that I tend to ignore carrots and squash. Plus, I had this trauma eating carrots back in Grade 4 when my Lola experimentally mixed it with noodles. Nowadays, I only eat carrots when my Mum mix it with shanghai. So, kids and youngsters, remember to eat more vegetables instead of junks.
  5. Don’t be stubborn. I have to admit that part of what happened to me is because of stubbornness. I mostly ignore my Mum’s ‘lecture’, and so I often end up regretting it in the end. Huh. Listen to your parents. Just because you listen to them doesn’t mean you’re living under their skirts and pants. Mostly, they’re just right all the time, and what they do is for you.

Here’s some carrot encouragement for y’all!

carrotRemember to always take care of your eyes before you regret it.

Your truly,




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