I have once read in a Psychology book that girls prefer guys who are close to their father’s trait. We tend to look for our father’s quality and we most often like guys who has them. Sometimes, we recklessly like guys for a good thing they’ve done, but eventually, we will still look for the Daddy things on them and when we don’t see it, we might lose interest. Yet, when we see those, we might just fall in love, like really really really fall in love.

Right now, though, I am not in the goals of finding love, having my first boyfriend and getting into a relationship. I just want to focus on my goals, and follow my Mum’s advice to take it slowly. I know there will be a time for that. It’s just, I’m not ready yet. I want to be just SINGLE–not ‘in a relationship’, not ‘in a mutual understanding’, even not ‘it’s complicated’.

So, today, I kinda have a dilemma moment, and suddenly, the kind of guy who will make me believe in a love (probably) falls into place. I actually don’t know why I’ve gone all MIA when it comes to believing in true love happening to myself. I can’t even take all those melodramatic, flirty, and awkwardness stage of courting.

I guess, the main sign that you’re in love is when you just go with the situation without asking yourself if you’re ready or not… in which case, I am still asking myself, so maybe, I am not yet in love.

But enough of that.

According to an article from the March 2013 issue of Candy, Mr. Perfect only exists in movie. The cliché rich-but-troubled-became-soft guys or the bestfriend-who’d-been-in-love-with-you-for-a-long-time, or even that funny-curly-haired-skinny-guy-you-just-can’t-get-enough-of.

In truth, Robert Alexander III (which is played by Adam Sevani) always come up on my mind when someone asks me what I like about a guy. It’s pretty hard to describe, but, I don’t know, he pops the second I hear that question.

Adam SevaniMaybe because his character possesses these qualities:

Funny and talkative. I am a deadly serious person most of the time. I am also an introvert which means I am not a fan of small talks. But, when someone strikes up a conversation, like a really interesting and funny one, I can’t stop talking too. You know, the kind of guy who talks about the most random things: not just about himself, but also about how little the amount of gravy is on the mashes potato or how dirty the soles of the shoes of a guy we happen to come across on the streets.

Has a good sense of humorSomeone who doesn’t get offended easily and gets that you’re just teasing him. I mostly throw pun on people, things I really don’t mean just to lighten the intensity of his/her mood, so if a guy is too sensitive to that thing, I am finding it hard to get along with him too. Guys with good sense of humor are also witty which makes it an A++

Tall and curly-hairedHe doesn’t have to be tall tall–just taller than me. You know, it’s cute when you say something and he has to lean down a little to hear you clearly. Also, I can just imagine myself falling in love with a guy who has a curly hair and a cute smile on his face. Someone who’s attractive, but doesn’t have the slightest idea that he actually is (or doesn’t boast about it). That’s how Moose actually is, and maybe it’s also the main reason why I like Colin Singleton–the curly-haired, child prodigy, main character of The Abundance of Katherines.

Witty. First and foremost, I am not pining after brainiac. I just think that guys who can easily decide for themselves, those who knows what they want in life, are worth thinking about a future with.

Anti-melodramatic. I really like  funny guys–someone who can make me laugh effortlessly. I mean, when they get serious or sad about a certain thing, they easily say their apologies, direct to the point. They don’t go through a lot of making-you-feel-guilty phases, and it is easier for me. I’m not good in saying “sorry”, but when someone is open-minded and you help each other out after a quarrel, then, it’s better.

Fast-forwardThis is a term I learned from Must Be Love yesterday. It means, when a guy falls in love, he can see a good future with you (like getting married or building a house and family). I am pretty cautious in choosing the “right” person since I’ve had traumas before. I’m pretty good in seeing through people. I can sense if they’re serious, or if they’re just playing around, or if they just want to have some kind of “label”. I think I would really fall in love with a guy who talks about his future with me in a sweet and genuine way. Because, above all things, that very thing matters.

Seventeen. That’s a pretty young age to be serious about stuff like this. Mostly, this is the year when teens like me “experiment” with love until they find the right one. Just this moment, I received a quote saying, “You keep looking for the perfect one that you miss the imperfect person who can make you perfectly happen.” Bullcrap.

Everybody has a flaw. Sometimes, it’s too bad; most times it’s painfully good. This is an ideal that the reckless made up for the cautious one. But guess what? They’re wrong. We don’t look for the perfect one, and just because someone likes us, doesn’t mean we would already bite the chance. We always look for qualities that would suite our taste, that would enliven not just the physical and emotional chemistry, but the feeling of righteousness as well.

Of course, we want the right guy. Of course, we’ll never know when we’ll fall in love. Of course, we don’t want to hurt anybody, but we still have to be honest. But of course, we have our choices too.

In love and relationship, you don’t bear with it. You fall in love and get into a relationship, because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good.

While I am in the search of that funny-curly-haired-skinny-guy-I-just-can’t-get-enough-of, you think deeply about what you really like and make sure of your decisions.



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4 Responses to Funny-Curly-Haired-Skinny-Guy-You-Just-Can’t-Get-Enough-Of

  1. Ysabelle Cuevas says:

    Seriously Ate Joyce, I SAW THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CURLY-HAIRED GUY AT THE MALL. It was awesome. He looked strikingly similar to what you’re describing. MY heart skip a beat when I saw him.

  2. alineadormeo says:

    Kilala ko yan!! Kuya A–S——– oh! HAHA! :)))

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