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I have once read in a Psychology book that girls prefer guys who are close to their father’s trait. We tend to look for our father’s quality and we most often like guys who has them. Sometimes, we recklessly like … Continue reading

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Take Care of Your Eyes

When I was in my pre-elem days, I remember my Mum always chastising me about reading books in the dim parts of our house, or when the sun is setting. I thought reading while the sun is setting is just … Continue reading

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Bitter Girls Gone Love

February 14, 2013: I think this was the day when I did something that I really want. Not because I am required to do it, and not because someone wants me to do it. I DITCHED JS PROM. I didn’t attend the … Continue reading

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The El Fili Show

Here are some of the photos on the one occasion I attended the shooting for our El Fili. I am a hemophobic, but the good thing is, I am only afraid of human blood. Hahaha! First, they had to dress up the … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Critical

It has been a long time since I last posted a proper post in my blog. I’ve been too busy with school, and we also have this Weebly blog in English. Now that term’s almost over, and summer’s fast-approaching, I … Continue reading

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We’ll See.

Oftentimes, movie adaptations don’t give justice to the book, but I have been too prone to a lot of them that I don’t bother to hate them too much. Sure, I notice slight differences, but if it’s just minimal, I … Continue reading

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C’est La Vie

There are a few things in this world that should be left within the confines of your heart. You don’t want to share them because you fear people might start looking at you like you have some contagious disease, and … Continue reading

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