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I have once read in a Psychology book that girls prefer guys who are close to their father’s trait. We tend to look for our father’s quality and we most often like guys who has them. Sometimes, we recklessly like … Continue reading

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#41: Back to Zero

“Can’t find another way around, and I don’t wanna hear the sound of LOSING WHAT I NEVER FOUND.” *Down by Jason Walker* It’s so easy to get into something—friendship, commitments, promises. The problem with people is we just never seem to realize … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Deal Breakers

“Deal Breakers are behaviors or habits that make Gandalf a sudden forcefield between you and your boy.” — Spell Saab Also, according to Urbandictionary: A deal breaker is ‘the catch’ that a particular individual cannot overlook and ultimately outweighs any … Continue reading

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Why The World Needs Superman?

Clark Kent, or rather, Superman as we all know him is my superhero. I was in grade five when I watched Superman Returns (I don’t read hero comics hehe) and the film started with Lois Lane who won an award for … Continue reading

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UP Praxis Entry: Dear PNoy

Here’s the essay I made for the essay competition of the socio-civic organization from UP Diliman called “UP Praxis”. The theme is “Dear PNoy”. It should consist of 800-1000 words of things you want to tell our President as a … Continue reading

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You Shouldn’t Be What Boys Like

Boys like beautiful and popular girls. They make them feel noticed and envied by the crowd. Especially when the guy is handsome, it adds up to their ‘perfect combination’. Boys like girls who love to mingle; the ones that will … Continue reading

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Waiting and Failing

“I’m captivated by you baby like a firework show…” I don’t know what message Sparks Fly is telling you but to me, it’s about WAITING. Putting up and keeping your feelings for somebody is a big effort. But sometimes, it … Continue reading

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