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The El Fili Show

Here are some of the photos on the one occasion I attended the shooting for our El Fili. I am a hemophobic, but the good thing is, I am only afraid of human blood. Hahaha! First, they had to dress up the … Continue reading

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We’ll See.

Oftentimes, movie adaptations don’t give justice to the book, but I have been too prone to a lot of them that I don’t bother to hate them too much. Sure, I notice slight differences, but if it’s just minimal, I … Continue reading

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Call Number

Here’s the short film we made for our English Festival with the theme, “Libraries: Effects  on Society” which won 2nd place. We’re no pro in film-making yet, but I’m proud of our first step. It’s originally called Confessions, but due to … Continue reading

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Awkward. Season 2

Finally! After months of waiting, my favorite series in the world will start on June 28! I could’ve never been more happier. This season, Jenna got a lot in her plate because as you may remember, she discovered it was … Continue reading

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Must-Watch Movies Before the World [Year] Ends

So here are the movies I’m looking forward to this year. In chronological order according to release dates :p Rock of Ages Release date: June 15, 2012 Anything musical gets my attention. It’s a about rock in the 80’s. Classic. … Continue reading

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LSS: Someday by IU

For the past few days, I’ve been sucking to Dream High. It was such a good watch (well, except for the Kelly/Marco part) that I can’t get over it. Especially with these two, Jason and Gelou ♥ I didn’t know … Continue reading

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My Nerdy Valentine

You’re an admirer of JAMICH, right? Haha. If you’re not, get lost. #partialchos I’m scheming through YouTube when I saw this. I’m about to watch it but I decided to post it already to share with you =)) If you … Continue reading

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